&nbsp The following hints are from the in-game instructions in Blinky 2:

  • If you feed Doughnut, he may help you.
  • When fighting Cyberstupid, try to find a safe spot to stand in.
  • When fighting Lizard Wizard, try to use his own power against him.
  • When fighting the Snake Patrol, aim for the slower heads.
  • After defeating Shnookwad, watch out for things coming out of the Pit.
  • When fighting an evil Blinky-Clone, try to back it against a wall so it can't dodge your shots.
  • The small red monsters will eat anything that touches them, so try to keep them in one place by feeding them doughnuts and let other monsters run into them and get eaten too.
  • Collecting doughnuts is the key to winning.
  • If you are being attack by a monster, repeatedly hit an arrow key to escape.
  • Don't hang around bombs too long, the fireball they create are both fast and indestructible.
  • Don't hang around places where monster come out, or soon you'll be surrounded by hideous creatures.
  • When falling from a high place, repearedly shoot downwards to take out any monsters waiting at the bottom.
  • Save often, especially after completing a level.